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#54672: Deprecated errors on PHP 8.1
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Comment (by jrf):

 Replying to [comment:4 hyperpolymath]:
 > Thanks - I see the point about them not being plugin specific, and I
 agree it is php8.1 but does the error not suggest in this that these are
 just instantly fixed in the plugin (if only temporarily) by a
 compatibility fix with the formatting of the call the plugin is making to
 get the data from WP in the wp-includes directory. Each line seems to be
 just asking for it to be appropriately made, so far as I can see, with a
 qualifier of void, mixed or bool as appropriate to the call, rather than
 what I am assuming is an unspecified call from the plugin. Although, I
 will admit, php is not my programming language and I am new to wp, so I
 might be misreading what is showing here.
 > If it is not as simple, that's fine, but do I need to do anything to
 mitigate a known or obvious threat, or is using the plugin in the interim

 @hyperpolymath You seem to be talking about something different than the
 above as you refer multiple times to "the plugin". Trac is not for plugin
 support or plugin bug fixes. Trac is for WordPress Core, so I suggest you
 ask your questions about whatever plugin you're talking about in the
 support forum of the plugin.

 And just so you know: no, these shouldn't be fixed by type casting at the
 point of deprecation. In most cases, the ''function call'' passing the
 incorrectly typed data should be fixed, not the function ''receiving'' the
 data. This involves backtraces and figuring out where exactly the
 incorrect function call (or calls) is being made.

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