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#55407: Allow case-insensitive elements for KSES
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 Priority:  normal                      |   Milestone:  6.0
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Comment (by peterwilsoncc):

 The proposed patch is problematic in that it will make KSES case

 Consider the HTML `<DIV CLASS="55407"></DIV>`, the first altered line
 removes `strtolower()` from the check of allowed elements. This will cause
 a false negative and result in the element being removed.

 See https://3v4l.org/5X0OJ for an example of the difference.

 In it's current form, KSES will maintain the case in which the element is

 <DIV class="55407">Some div</DIV>

 <Not-Allowed>Not Allowed element</Not-AlloWed>

 Is stored in the database as

 <DIV class="55407">Some div</DIV>

 Not Allowed element

 Adding elements to the allowed HTML array or via the appropriate filter do
 need to be in lowercase. I think this needs to remain the case as the
 allowed HTML shouldn't contain the same element in different cases, eg

 $allowed_html = [
    'div' => [ /* etc */ ],
    'DIV' => [ /* etc */ ],

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