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#54435: admin-ajax.php : 404 Error
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Comment (by here):

 I found this investigating a similar issue and it turns out this behavior
 is as designed.

 Steps to repro:
 1. Open Customizer
 2. Click X to close Customizer

 Observed: 404 error requesting admin-ajax.php
 Expected: No errors

 For my case, searching for the admin-ajax action value used in the POST
 request "customize_dismiss_autosave_or_lock" leads to the associated core

 WordPress core code that is returning the 404 can be seen here,

 Sample POST payload
 wp_customize: on
 customize_theme: example-theme
 customize_changeset_uuid: ac3050d5-df08-4c20-a8e9-88fa37974652
 nonce: 6a2eb1176f
 dismiss_autosave: false
 dismiss_lock: true
 action: customize_dismiss_autosave_or_lock
 customize_preview_nonce: b43e42ab81

 A sample request / response body is

 $ curl 'https://example.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php'
 --data-raw 'wp_customize=on&customize_theme=example-
 < HTTP/2 404

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