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#55319: Add filter to get_block_wrapper_attributes function
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 **What problem does this address?**

 It is currently possible to add custom classnames to static blocks using
 the blocks.getSaveContent.extraProps filter in JS. This is super useful
 when working with custom block supports. And even core uses this system in
 js to add the classnames generated for for example the color classes.

 In PHP however, for custom blocks this is all hardcoded in the
 get_block_wrapper_attributes function. Specifically inside the
 WP_Block_Supports Class here:

 This approach makes it impossible for custom supports that plugins develop
 to apply to custom blocks.

 **What is your proposed solution?**

 This could be solved by adding a new hook in PHP to the
 get_block_wrapper_attributes function which should work the same as the
 blocks.getSaveContent.extraProps hook in js.

 This ticket was first created in GitHub on the Gutenberg repository in
 [#38830](https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/38830) but as the
 code no longer exists in Gutenberg since it was moved to core in 5.8 it
 was suggested that the change needs to happen in core directly.

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