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#55117: Possible 5.9 Bug: Unknown character ( or %ef%bf%bc ) on content title
 Reporter:  cantuaria                     |       Owner:  audrasjb
     Type:  defect (bug)                  |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal                        |   Milestone:  6.1
Component:  Permalinks                    |     Version:  5.9
 Severity:  normal                        |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  needs-patch has-testing-info  |     Focuses:
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 * keywords:  needs-patch => needs-patch has-testing-info


 = Testing Information =
 I have been able to reproduce this issue consistently. Please refer to the
 steps below to test in other environments.

 > **Important note:** Please view this comment/ticket in **Firefox** (I'm
 using macOS) to most easily identify the character in question. The
 [https://apps.timwhitlock.info/unicode/inspect?s=%EF%BF%BC object
 replacement character] will be collapsed/hidden in Safari, and display as
 a blank space in Chrome, making following this ticket more difficult.

 == Copying the `` Character ==
 In Firefox, this character will appear visually as
 replacement-character.png, 25px)]] (image representation), or can be
 described as the letters `OBJ` inside a box with a broken outline.

 The following section includes text blocks and styled headings that can be
 copied and used for testing and reproducing this issue.

 ==== Character in Isolation ====

 ==== Character Styled with Heading Tags ====

 = H1 Heading =

 == H2 Heading ==

 The character can also be viewed or copied from

 If you're having trouble viewing the character, see
 this gist] for an image of how this section appears in Firefox on macOS

 == Viewing the Copied Contents ==
 @dmsnell has provided a [https://dmsnell.github.io/ghpages/clipboard.html
 browser-based Clipboard Viewer utility] that displays the contents of the
 clipboard. Take particular note of the `text/html` content, and how
 elements may wrap the character depending on the copy source.

 == Testing Instructions ==

 === Steps to Reproduce
 1. From WP admin navigate to ''Posts > Add New''.
 2. Enter a title for the post.
 3. From the "Copying the `` Character" section above, select and copy a
 `` character from either of the H1 or H2 styled text blocks. ''This will
 copy the character with HTML as part of the pasteboard content.''
 4. To verify that the `` character was copied with HTML, paste into the
 [https://dmsnell.github.io/ghpages/clipboard.html Clipboard Viewer page]
 and refer to the `text/html` row. It should include a wrapping `<h1>` or
 `<h2>` tag (the character will appear as a blank space between tags).
 5. 🐞 In the post, paste the character at the end of the title field. An
 unexpected margin will appear below the title.
 6. 🐞 Move the cursor to the start of the title and paste the character
 again. An unexpected margin will appear above the title.
 7. Click **Publish** (and **Publish** again if pre-publish checks are
 8. 🐞 Observe that the post title is surrounded by `` characters.
 9. 🐞 Copy the post address and observe that the slug name is wrapped with
 the UTF-8 character code (`%ef%bf%bc`), e.g. `.../%ef%bf%bctest-
 10. Optionally hover over the **View Post** button and observe that the
 preview URL (bottom left of browser) includes the Unicode character code
 (`%uFFFC`), e.g. `.../%uFFFCtest-trac-55117%uFFFC/`.
 11. Optionally click to view the post and observe that the URL in the
 address bar includes the URL-encoded characters from Step 9.

 === Expected Results
 - ✅ Pasting text that may include the `` character should not affect
 styling of the title field in the editor.
 - ✅ The `` character should not appear in the title of a published post.
 - ✅ The `` character should not be part of the post slug, encoded or

   **Test Report Icons:**
   🐞 <= Indicates where issue ("bug") occurs.
   ✅ <= Behavior is ''expected''.
   ❌ <= Behavior is ''NOT expected''.

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