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#56057: Add conditional to WP_Upgrader::install_package() for Rollback testing
 Reporter:  afragen          |       Owner:  SergeyBiryukov
     Type:  feature request  |      Status:  closed
 Priority:  normal           |   Milestone:  6.1
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 Severity:  normal           |  Resolution:  fixed
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 In [changeset:"53578" 53578]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="53578"
 Upgrade/Install: Add a conditional to facilitate testing of the Rollbacks
 feature project.

 The [https://make.wordpress.org/core/2021/02/19/feature-plugin-rollback-
 update-failure/ Rollback Update Failure feature project] creates a
 temporary backup of plugins and themes before updating. This aims to make
 the update process more reliable and ensure that if a plugin or theme
 update fails, the previous version can be safely restored.

 If the [https://wordpress.org/plugins/rollback-update-failure/ Rollback
 Update Failure plugin] is installed, `WP_Upgrader::install_package()` will
 use the `move_dir()` function from there for better performance. Instead
 of copying a directory from one location to another, it uses the
 `rename()` PHP function to speed up the process, which is instrumental in
 creating a temporary backup without a delay. If the renaming failed, it
 falls back to `copy_dir()` WP function.

 This conditional aims to facilitate broader testing of the feature. It is
 temporary, until the plugin is merged into core.

 Props afragen, pbiron, costdev, davidbaumwald, audrasjb, jrf,
 Fixes #56057. See #51857, #54166.

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