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#56010: apache_mod_loaded returns fatal TypeError in some environments with PHP 8
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 When we call WP Core function (apache_mod_loaded) in environment like WP
 Engine which has the PHP function (apache_get_modules) already disabled
 also with php 8 or above will lead to the following fatal error:

 PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: in_array(): Argument #2 ($haystack)
 must be of type array, null given in /<redacted>/wp-
 includes/functions.php:5834\nStack trace:
 #0 /<redacted>/wp-includes/functions.php(5834): in_array('mod_pagespeed',
 NULL, true)
 #1 /<redacted>/wp-content/plugins/wp-
 apache_mod_loaded('mod_pagespeed', false)

 and this is happening because of the following code:


 Here we get the return value from (apache_get_modules) which is this cases
 returns null because it's already disabled by the hosting company then
 pass this null as a second argument to the in_array function which expects
 an array.

 Before PHP 8, we may see only notice in logs but after PHP 8 we get fatal
 error which blocks the site completely.

 Possible solutions:-
 1. Cast the value passed to (in_array) to be array (but this will return
 not valid values in such mentioned environments)
 2. Add the following condition along with the check if the function exists
 or not like this
 if ( function_exists( 'apache_get_modules' ) && false === strpos( ini_get(
 'disable_functions' ), 'apache_get_modules' ) ) {
 to make sure that this function isn't in the disabled functions.

 Whatever solution we will take, I can work on it.

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