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#55959: Add Panda Video oEmbed endpoint
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Comment (by lafraia):

 Hi @swissspidy . I understand your concern and I'm happy to answer all of
 your questions. We're a fast growing video hosting platform. Just like
 Wistia and Vidalytics, we're hosting marketing videos and also online
 classes for creators. Most of our users use WordPress with LMS (creators)
 or Elementor (marketers). Therefore, having support for our videos through
 oEmbed is something we must provide. Like I said, we're growing fast in
 Brazil due to our aggressive pricing structure and we will be providing
 services in US in August (via www.pandavideo.com). Our Brazilian webpage
 is www.pandavideo.com.br

 Now answering your questions:

 > **Is the service is popular enough for core developers to have heard of
 it before? Is it “mainstream?”**

 Yes. In Brazil it's mainstream now. Most creators now using Vimeo are
 moving to Panda Video. They're paying about 5 times less considering very
 high traffic creators. It's safer than Vimeo so, that's the main reason.
 We've also put together a Chrome extension to migrate videos from Vimeo to
 Panda due to the fact we're getting thousands of videos being migrated
 every day.

 > **If similar services are already supported, how does this service
 compare in terms of size, features, and backing?**

 We're an alternative to Vimeo, Wistia and Vidalytics. All marketers tools
 such as buttons CTA, control over the progress bar, chapters, subtitles,
 thumbnails and many other features. The company started about 7 months ago
 and we already have about paying 1500 subscribers with nearly 3PB/month of
 video traffic data. Like I said, we're growing fast and expect to continue
 this growing rate due to new features that will be released. We also
 provide watermark to protect customer video.

 > **Does this service have a large following on Twitter, Facebook, or
 other social media? Is its Twitter account verified?**

 Not yet. We've been getting our subscribers by recommendations and good
 customer success. Our social media @pandavideobr and @pandavideous are not
 very popular yet.

 > **Is its oEmbed endpoint clearly established and properly documented?
 (Sometimes, they are just a developer’s pet project that may not be

 Yes. We've added documentation and it's also listed in oEmbed.com


 > **Does the oEmbed endpoint work with WordPress’ oEmbed auto-discovery?
 If not, could it be made to work with additional HTML tags or attributes
 being added to the allow-list?**

 I'm not sure. We have direct access to HLS files and, later, we will also
 provide sharable webpages with videos. So, we can't add HTML tags to HLS
 files, this way it would be necessary to add our oEmbed endpoint to

 > **Does the service make an effort to build relationships with
 developers, such as through robust APIs?**

 We have a documentation being added in pandavideo.readme.io and we're
 going to add even more data there soon. Our solution was designed to
 provide services to developers and an extensive API is one of our main
 priorities. We have some of our customers using our API to build
 whitelabel services, so this is a true requirement.

 > **How old is the service?**

 Company in Brazil started October'21. Company in US is open and we're
 going to start services in August'22.

 > **Does it have a well-established Wikipedia article? (Seriously.)**

 Not yet. I'm also the CEO of Vagalume (a very popular music website in
 Brazil), which has a Wikipedia article.

 Panda is becoming popular in the creators and marketing niche, therefore
 it's likely the end-user won't know too much about this service unlike
 Youtube and Vimeo.

 > **Has anyone written a WordPress plugin that leverages the service in
 some way, whether adding it as an oEmbed provider, creating a shortcode,
 or leveraging other APIs of the service? Do these plugins have any
 noticeable adoption or traction that would indicate usage and demand?**

 Not yet. We're developing some plugins in order to have better
 compatibility with many of our features. These plugins will expose some
 customization being possible to make inside WordPress, Elementor, etc...

 > **Is the provider frequently proposed?**

 It's a high demand by our customers who use LMS, Elementor and many other
 systems inside WordPress.

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