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#55942: Add a "type" field to the meta and options tables
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Comment (by barry.hughes):

 A possible fourth way (something of a hybrid between the options you
 listed above) would be an enumeration.

 `type` ENUM( 'int', 'float', 'string', 'bool', 'php', 'json' )

 In the above example, we have four scalar types and two serialization
 types—PHP (default/what we use today) and JSON. Introducing JSON as a
 supported serialization method:

 - Could help to mitigate the risk of object injection vulnerabilities
 - In many cases, will consume less storage space (than serialized PHP,
 because less verbose)
 - In some cases, may even perform a little better than serialized PHP

 Some enum pros and cons:

 * Still makes for readable queries
 * Doesn't occupy much space (just 1 byte if we keep the number of enum
 values fairly small)
 * Less flexible than a varchar field

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