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#55443: Create WebP sub-sizes and use for output
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Comment (by isaumya):

 I also think that this feature should be something that is opt-in by users
 instead of opt-out.

 Because at this point most website have some image optimization /
 distribution flow added to them.

 For example we use Cloudflare Polish on all of our client sites to ensure
 all the images that are being provided to the end users are fully
 optimised and if the browser supports, also delivered in WebP.

 Now other sites might use other tools like these - imagekit, optimole,
 short pixel, ewww image optimozer and so on.

 The point I'm trying to make is that all of these websites which already
 got a proper flow of things in place are not going to take advantage of
 this. Instead it would be a huge extra burden to them in terms of hosting
 space cost

 But instead of a filter if there is a proper settings for this in the WP
 Media Settings page which would be disabled by default and then users who
 want to take advantage of this can enable - that would be the best

 Otherwise before 6.1 rollout we all have to go in to all of these sites
 and add the filter. I hope what I tried to say makes sense.

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