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#56234: error logged messages should not be translateable
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Comment (by audrasjb):

 Replying to [comment:8 malthert]:
 > Replying to [comment:7 audrasjb]:
 > > Another thing we should take into account: some Locales started to
 translate the WordPress Documentation. So "googling" any error message in
 these languages may start to provide some meaningful results.
 > >
 > > However, I don't see any problem with the fact that some Locales would
 decide to not translate those strings. This decision is up to Locale
 Managers and/or General Translation Editors, **not us** (core developers).
 > >
 > > I think we have to make these strings translatable so each Locale can
 choose the best option.
 > While that's definitely great, 95% of error resolutions for beginners
 come from stackoverflow,.... There's a reason why software development =
 copy + paste is a meme :-) And those are in English.
 > If we take a look at the stack required to run a WP page - none (PHP,
 MySQL) localize their error messages either. e.g. if you produce a notice
 or fatal, it will be in English.

 That's definitely not enough to convince me :)

 "95% of error resolutions for beginners come from stackoverflow"
 While this assumption may be right, I think it would still be better to
 provide an error in the language of the owner of the website.

 > > I would prefer that the default is the site language
 > Why? Every application WP relies on, ONLY logs in English (PHP,
 MySQL,...) - why would you suddenly want to change the logging language?
 > Even tools WP relies on internally (curl,...) will return an error in

 Just because others are wrong doesn't mean we have to be wrong too :)
 Democratize publishing also means having a fully translated interface.

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