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#56263: Proposed WebP Generation in Core should be opt-in, not opt-out
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Comment (by codekraft):

 Replying to [comment:2 blobfolio]:
 > WebP is wonderful for lossy "good enough" photographic representation,
 but completely inappropriate for other contexts without intentional,
 manual tuning (and even then, sometimes it simply isn't the best choice).

 > I don't know why the magic bullet myth is so persistent, but **NO**
 image format — including AVIF and JXL — is so perfect it can replace all
 the others.

 I'm sorry but I have to contradict you--the new formats are vastly
 superior--they wouldn't have created them if they weren't!

 the problem lies in compressing already compressed images (introducing
 generation loss) but I think it is undeniable that webp and avif and jxl
 are much better than png and jpeg.

 Starting from a 50% compressed jpg image (as i have seen myself doing) you
 can't expect to have good results because what you are compressing is the
 version already heavily pixilated from the jpg compression to which you
 are going to add other artifacts, one thing that is important is that the
 original should not be "pre-optimized" (or even better lossless). This
 problem is partly corrected by the fact that webp larger than jpg are
 removed (https://github.com/WordPress/performance/pull/418)

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