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#56119: `wp_unslash()` and `wp_slash()` do not (un)slash the same data.
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Comment (by SergeyBiryukov):

 I think `wp_slash_strings_only()` was deprecated because it appeared to be
 the same as `wp_slash()` as of [48433], though the difference in object
 handling was probably not considered.

 Good catch on the inconsistence in object handling! Looks like that was
 the case ever since `wp_slash()` and `wp_unslash()` were both introduced
 in [23555].

 Looking at #21767, it seems that:
 * `wp_slash()` was introduced as a replacement for `addslashes()` and
 * `wp_unslash()` was introduced as a replacement for `stripslashes()` and
 an alias for `stripslashes_deep()`.
 * `wp_unslash()` intentionally unslashes objects: comment:53:ticket:21767.

 I guess the question to answer would be: do we need to slash objects in
 `wp_slash()`, or would that be unexpected? This comment seems tangentially
 related: comment:17:ticket:21767, and this commit too: [24731].

 I think `wp_slash()` and `wp_unslash()` may not necessarily have been
 intended to be the opposite, but that would probably make sense if there
 are no unexpected site effects.

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