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#54797: Allow languages path in register_block_type
 Reporter:  Rahe             |       Owner:  (none)
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Comment (by gziolo):

 We discussed this issue also on WordPress Slack (link requires
 registration at https://make.wordpress.org/chat):


 There is also an issue opened in the Gutenberg project:


 There are two issues identified:

 1. When providing file paths to scripts (`editorScript`, `script` or
 `viewScript`), when there is a trailing `./` included then there is wrong
 md5 generated for the file and it doesn't match with the file generated in
 the translations folder.
 2. When a plugin provides a custom path to the translations folder,
 example: `languages`, it doesn't get passed to
 `wp_set_script_translations` called inside the
 `register_block_script_handle` helper function.

 The first issue can be solved by always removing the trailing `./` from
 the file path passed in `block.json`.

 The second issue can be tackled in many ways. One possibility is what
 @Rahe proposed in this ticket. An alernative to consider is to detect
 whether a script is registered inside a plugin (vs core block) and pass
 the custom path based on the setting read from the domain path set in the
 plugin metadata. More about that in

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