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#54614: no_texturize_shortcodes filter broken in WP 5.9 beta 1 and 2
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 Thanks for the update. Yes, I can reproduce in TT2 which is a block theme.

 What's known:

 * Nothing `wptexturize()` changed during the 5.9 cycle.
 * Activating the latest Gutenberg plugin version (i.e. 12.3.0) does not
 resolve the issue.
 * It works with non-block themes.
 * It's isolated to block themes.

 Some research:
 * Seems to be isolated to FSE.
 * I don't see anything in TT2 to cause this.
 * There's an open issue in Gutenberg about single vs double quotes for
 shortcodes https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/33813, though
 seems directly unrelated. Note: changing to single quotes does not resolve
 the issue.
 * Removing the `[Site...]` content within the shortcode does not resolve
 the issue. (Checked to see if the `[` and `]` within were being
 interrupted incorrectly.)

 There has been work due within the RichText component for sanitizing
 content within JS. A very quick look did not reveal to me how it's wired
 or if it's wired to the filter in `wptexturize`. This seems like a good
 place to start for deeper investigation by the editor team.

 What's the next step? I'm thinking the next step towards resolution is to
 report it upstream in the Gutenberg repository. Why? It appears isolated
 to FSE / block theme environment. The investigation and fix will most
 likely be done there and then backported to Core with a package update
 (once the specific package is published).

 @pgn4web Can you open a Bug Report
 [https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/new/choose issue here in
 Gutenberg]? And then please share the issue URL here to bind the Trac
 ticket to the Gutenberg issue.

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