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#54740: REST API: oneOf validation behaves unexpectedly with strings/arrays
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Comment (by TimothyBlynJacobs):

 Yeah, so essentially the issue is that the WordPress JSON Schema validator
 supports loose typing because we accept data that isn't originally JSON
 like form-encoded data or URL based. One of the more extreme examples is
 that we allow a string value when a property expects an array.

 So a schema like the one provided where you specify a `oneOf` of an array
 or array of strings is something you'd never do as a REST API validation
 schema, because it is the default behavior.

 Of course, this causes problems if you are using another validator that is
 more strict, you need to allow for a bare string value.

 I think it could be possible for the schema validation to be updated such
 that `rest_find_one_matching_schema` would understand if a value was
 validated successfully without any type coercion, but that may be pretty
 challenging to implement as the type coercion is fairly fundamental to our
 schema validator.

 For now, instead of using `oneOf` you should be able do something like

   "type": [
   "items": {
     "type": "string"

 The `type` keyword can be a list of types, and the `items` keyword will
 only apply if it is validating an `array`. The `oneOf` keyword allows for
 more complex validation, but in general, if something can be expressed
 with a list of types, that would be preferred.

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