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#55203: Bug with get_post_galleries
 Reporter:  BinaryMoon    |      Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect (bug)  |     Status:  new
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Component:  Media         |    Version:  5.9
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 Hi - I really like the changes made to get_post_galleries in 5.9 but there
 is a bug with it.

 The change I am referring to can be seen here:

 In this section

 There is no check that you are actually dealing with galleries, and so
 non-gallery blocks can be returned. I spotted this in a problem when using
 `get_post_gallery` and a paragraph was being returned.

 This happens when the gallery block is not the first block in the post
 content. If you have a paragraph, and then a gallery, and use
 `get_post_gallery` the paragraph will be returned instead of the gallery.

 The process as I see it is:

 * check for block name
 * check has innerBlocks and not gallery (for nested blocks)
 * check if has inner blocks
 * grab ids and use those

 Currently there is no check that the block being looped through is
 actually a gallery.

 I think it needs to check if the block is a gallery or not before doing
 any processing. I would add this check after the check for ''innerblocks
 and not gallery''.

 The following fixed the issue for me.


 Currently get_post_gallery will only work when the gallery is the first
 item in the post. If there's a different block in the post then it's
 possible that will be used instead.

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