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#54975: Allow filtering global styles
 Reporter:  webmandesign  |       Owner:  (none)
     Type:  enhancement   |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |   Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Editor        |     Version:  5.9
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 Keywords:                |     Focuses:  css

Comment (by webmandesign):

 Hi @oandregal,

 > When we do filters for this code, I'd think we do it much earlier in the
 processing chain: we want consumers to have structured data to work with
 and not a blob string difficult to parse and modify.

 That's a great idea!
 I think it would still be beneficial to have a filter on the actual CSS
 string though. That way it's much easier for a theme to remove
 `!important` from the CSS, for example, or add its own CSS string if

 > The editor styles and the front will be the same. If themes want to do
 further modifications (editor & front using different styles), they can
 tap into the CSS hooks in place

 So, if I understand correctly, we are still stuck with `!important` styles
 and the only way is to set `--wp--preset--<PRESET_TYPE>--<PRESET_SLUG>` in
 the theme :)

 You see, the 5.9.1 fix will not really be beneficial for my usecase as I
 apply responsive typography in my themes on front-end only (it is not
 possible to do so in editor, unfortunately). So I have to set up `--wp--
 preset--<PRESET_TYPE>--<PRESET_SLUG>` CSS variables if I don't get rid of

 > If the goal is to stop enqueuing the default styles (colors, font sizes,
 etc), there's an existing API for that: wp_dequeue_styles. As I mentioned
 in other places this can have unintended side-effects as there're pieces
 that use the defaults (patterns, existing content, etc).

 I do not want to dequeue the global styles. I understand their importance
 and surely want to keep them for backwards compatibility if they were used
 in the existing content in the past. I just want a way to control the
 output of the styles and remove (in my opinion) redundant `!important` as
 my theme takes care of styles.

 I came up with
 this code] for the time. But it feels really hacky to dequeue global
 styles, process them, and enqueue again - I agree with you it may have
 side-effects I'm not aware of currently and that's why I don't want to
 "fix" them using that code.

 Having a filter would be much better approach in my opinion.

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