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#55100: `get_queried_object()` doesn't work for `author_name` before
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 `WP_Query->get_queried_object()` fails to return Author data when the
 query is using `author_name` (as with `/author/../` permalinks) before
 `WP_Query->get_posts();` is run.

 Usually this isn't a problem, as most uses of `WP_Query` query for posts
 when initialised, and when it's not, it's not common that
 `get_queried_object()` runs before the posts are queried.

 This not-often use-case appears to be the case with Block Themes though,
 as `https://wordpress.org/news-test/author/hlashbrooke/` fails to display
 the Author name in the header, but `https://wordpress.org/news-
 test/?author=9355949` works as expected.

 In both cases the query is fine, it's just that the queried object isn't
 available before the posts loop when `author_name` is used instead of
 `author`, I'm assuming there's some just-in-time query logic.

 The logic that sets the `author` field when `author_name` is buried inside

 The attached PR shows this and provides a solution in
 `get_queried_object()` similar to how Taxonomy Slugs are handled, by not
 only relying upon the `author` field (but using it if present) and falling
 back to `author_name` instead.

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