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#55635: wp_convert_hr_to_bytes() report correct byte sizes for php.ini "shorthand"
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Comment (by dd32):

 I absolutely hate the idea of writing PHP in the C style, but ultimately
 love the reason for doing so.

 However, I have some concerns, specifically that this is a bit over the
 top for what it's trying to do.

 My notes:
  - `GB_IN_BYTES` can technically be changed, but if someone does that they
 deserve it.
  - The leading whitespace checks aren't working, as it's using single-
 quoted strings, so looking for a literal '\t' 2-character string
  - Isn't written in PHP coding style
  - I don't think it needs to mirror PHP's parsing for a specific config

 [attachment:"55635.3.diff"] is my take on the original issue, I haven't
 run it against the unit tests, but I think it'll resolve the underlying
 You can see the evolution in this gist:
 where I took [attachment:"55635.diff"] and slowly migrated it back to PHP,
 before coming to the conclusion that `inval( $s, 0 )` is almost the same,
 albeit with additional binary notation support (which PHP ignores for ini
 settings, but that's fine IMHO)

 It's worth noting, that just because PHP parses it one way, it's not
 necessarily strictly required that `wp_convert_hr_to_bytes()` should
 handle those extreme edge-cases.. but there's some obvious improvements
 that can be made here.

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