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#55604: Update SimplePie to version 1.6.0
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 Priority:  normal          |  Milestone:  6.1
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 A new version of SimplePie has just been released.

 This version contains a few enhancements and some bug fixes.

 The most notable change, however, is that this release contains a
 ''forward-compatibility'' layer for the change to PSR-4 namespaced classes
 which is targetted for SimplePie 2.0.0.

 With some similarity to Requests - the namespaced versions of the classes
 are in a different base directory (`src`) from the original versions

 As WP currently only includes the files in the `library` directory, I
 would like to suggest to continue doing so for now.
 This still makes the ''forward-compatibility'' layer available as all
 files in the `library` directory now create a ''class alias'' to their
 namespaced version.

 Once 2.0.0 has been released, the files included in WP, should be switched
 to the files from the `src` directory (which is currently in place mostly
 to allow for Composer autoloading) and should start using the namespaced
 names for the SimplePie classes.

 I'd recommend for this update to be mentioned in a dev-note, so
 plugins/themes directly using SimplePie can decide for themselves when
 they want to change to using the namespaced names for SimplePie classes.

 * https://github.com/simplepie/simplepie/releases/tag/1.6.0
 * https://github.com/simplepie/simplepie/blob/1.6.0/CHANGELOG.md#160---
 * https://github.com/simplepie/simplepie/compare/1.5.8...1.6.0

 I've done a cursory check of the changes and they look sane to me, but
 would very much like to invite a second opinion and I'd recommend testing
 this change (more thoroughly than usually done for upgrades like these).

 I'd also like to recommend for a few cursory tests to be added to the WP
 test suite to ensure that both the PSR-0 as well as the PSR-4 class names
 load correctly when only including the `library` directory in WP.

 I'd recommend for this update to be applied in WP 6.1 **early**.

 Previous: #36669, #51521, #54659

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