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#6: the_excerpt() on non-excerpt posts doesn't stripslashes
 Reporter:  anonymousbugger           |       Owner:  ryan
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 Severity:  minor                     |  Resolution:  fixed
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 develop/pull/2531 PR #2531] on [https://github.com/WordPress/wordpress-
 develop/ WordPress/wordpress-develop] by [https://github.com/jsnajdr
 Changes the REST endpoints that get preloaded when displaying a page for
 post, site and widgets editor, so that they are in sync with what the
 latest version of Gutenberg to be shipped with Core 6.0 really requests.

 This patch finished backport of the
 /edit-form-blocks.php#L14 `gutenberg_optimize_preload_paths`] filter in
 Gutenberg, and that filter can be removed after this is merged.

 **Post Editor**
 The `types` and `taxonomies` requests have `context` changed from `edit`
 to `view`, because these requests were modified in

 Adding two new preloads: list of reusable blocks (`wp_block` post type,
 loaded from `/wp/v2/blocks`) and permissions for creating pages (`OPTIONS
 /wp/v2/pages`). Both requests are made in the `useBlockEditorSettings`
 hook, at the top of the post editor React tree.

 **Site Editor**
 Like in Post Editor, modify the `types` request `context` from `edit` to

 The `taxonomies` preload, together with four other ones, can be removed
 because the Site Editor doesn't request that data.

 Site Editor also doesn't need to preload `/wp/v2/settings`. These are used
 only in specialized blocks like Site Title, and by the `useTitle` hook
 which is by no means on critical path.

 **Widgets Editor**
 Adds a preload for the `/wp/v2/widget-types` endpoint requested by the
 `registerLegacyWidgetVariations` called during initialization.

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