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#55511: How to search by tag in editor link search bar
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 Hello guys,

 When trying to insert a link in the text of a post, in the search bar we
 type the term to find a post that we want to link to. And in the new
 Gutenberg editor, in addition to showing the posts in the search results,
 it also shows pages, tags, categories and ect: https://prnt.sc/giFQfne-

 This is very interesting, because for the site that has the habit of
 inserting tags during the text or even categories, pages ect, this makes
 the work a lot easier.

 But, I realized that if a certain term has a lot of posts talking about
 it, then it will only show the posts in the search result. That’s because
 the search result only shows 20 results, so if I type a term where there
 are more than 20 posts that use that term, the result will show 20 posts
 which means there will be no space left to show tags, in case I’m looking
 the tag link for that term.

 For example, on my site there are many posts talking about Netflix, and I
 created the tag “netflix” (/tag/netflix). So when I mention Netflix in the
 text of the post, I usually like to put the tag “netflix” in that word.
 But when typing in the link search bar by the word “netflix”, it shows me
 20 post results, and it doesn’t show the tag “netflix”. The search system
 gives priority to showing posts first, so as there are more than 20 posts
 published about Netflix, it ends up only showing posts in the results.

 With that, I always have to go to the tags page (/edit-
 tags.php?taxonomy=post_tag) to look for the tag, copy the link, go to the
 editor and insert it in the anchor text in question.

 So I wanted to see if anyone knows how to do a tag-only search. If I want
 to search for the “netflix” tag, is there any way I can search in the link
 insertion search bar and the result will only be tags?

 Thank you!

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