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#52895: Overview of e2e tests to be written
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 #49507 adds e2e tests for the edit posts page. The goal is to write tests
 for all the admin, but we should be clear on which parts need most testing
 and what exactly to test. To kick things off, I'm making a list of all the
 pages, some of the tests we should write, and some questions that occurred
 to me. Feedback on what to add, change or remove is very welcome!

 * Quick draft section: add title, save draft, navigate to posts page and
 check it's there.

 Updates page: not sure how we should test this one.

 * Add new category: add name, click add new category button, check if it
 appears in list
 * Check that bulk deleting all categories leaves “uncategorized” untouched
 * Add child category
 * Delete category
 * Search for category
 * Search for non-existing category

 Tags: same as categories.

 * Add image to library
 * Edit image alt text, title, desc
 * Search for image
 * Search for non-existing image

 Pages: same as posts (see #49507)

 * Create post, view it, add a comment, check that it displays in comments

 * Search for a theme
 * Activate a theme
 * Delete a theme, then search for it
 * Add new theme and activate it

 Customize: this is pretty theme-dependent, so we should pick a theme and
 check a few flows on it.

 Widgets and Menus: might not be worth writing tests yet as these screens
 are being re-written.

 Theme editor:
 * Add a line of CSS in the theme stylesheet and check for it in the front

 Plugins: how should we test this page?

 * Add new user
 * Search for user
 * change user role
 * Check admin user can't change itself to subscriber

 Profile: there are lots of options here, should we test changes to each of
 them? Some may not be relevant, e.g. profile pic just takes us to

 Import: We could test whether the plugins install correctly, but any
 further than that should be unnecessary (the plugins should have their own

 Export/Export personal data: would it be worth trying to check the
 contents of the downloaded files?

 Site health: there's no real interaction on this page, so maybe we can
 skip it.

 Erase personal data: not sure how to test this one.

 Settings: like profile, lots of options here. Test each individually?

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