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#35725: Add WebP support.
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                                                 |  adamsilverstein
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Comment (by marylauc):

 Regarding webp format limitations:
 - Indeed, webp does not support progressive decoding. However, it does
 support incremental decoding, which means that browsers can decode data as
 soon as they arrive and start showing pixels. I don't want to start a
 debate about progressive decoding, but I'll just point out that it's
 unclear if it provides a better user experience at all. Moreover, is
 WordPress currently encoding thumbnails using progressive jpegs? If not,
 the question is irrelevant.
 - Webp only supports 4:2:0 chroma subsampling. As you pointed out, this
 should not be an issue in most cases. For some images, especially
 artificial images with sharp, bright color transitions, this can create
 some artifacts. These images would typically be encoded losslessly anyway
 (using png or webp lossless). If using webp lossy, the sharp_yuv option
 reduces those artifacts a lot. This option is disabled by default because
 it's slower.
 - The maximum pixel dimensions of a WebP image is 16383 x 16383.

 Regarding CPU/memory requirements, webp generally uses about 40% less
 memory than jpeg encoding, but is 2x to 3x more cpu intensive.

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