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#52692: Checkbox to turn off lazy load for iframes
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Comment (by BlogAid):

 Thank you so much for the quick reply.

 Below are the answers to your questions.

  * Which ad network are you using? Are you using a plugin provided by the
 ad network?
 I do not run ads on my site but 80% of my clients do and they use a
 multitude of ad agencies such as
 - Mediavine
 - AdThrive
 - Ezoic
 - Monumetrics

  * How are the iframes placed onto the page? Are they added directly
 inside  the post content when an editor writes a post? Or are they added
 The ads are placed there by each ad agency's own mechanism and delivered
 via 3rd party over their own CDNs. It's all automated

  * What exactly breaks in this situation? Could you provide some technical
 details about the error?
 I don't have technical info at this time, but can get it. I do site speed
 work for these clients and have been told explicitly by the ad agencies
 that we can use lazy load for image, but not for iframes, as the ads are
 in iframes and they have their own lazy load mechanism in place.

  * Do you have an example URL that shows the problem?
 Yes, here is a link to one of my client's posts that runs ads from
 Mediavine https://ladyleeshome.com/mediterranean-stuffed-peppers/

 I realize there is code that can be added to turn off both lazy load for
 images and iframes.
 But NONE of these non-techie bloggers can do that themselves, nor should
 they have to.
 WordPress needs to make these features options with a simply way to turn
 them off.

 WordPress is insanely late to the game with lazy load. either all the
 browsers already do it and/or site owners with fully optimized sites
 already have ways to do lazy loading that work better than the WP or
 browser way that we can fully control. And there are solid reasons why we
 need to have total control over it - like this ads in iframes situation.

 I appreciate your speedy help with this, as I will be telling my clients
 and saying publicly not to update to WP 5.7 until we have a way to address
 this that the site owner can easily do themselves.

 And THIS is why we can't tolerate auto updates for major releases. We need
 an easy way to turn that off too.
 Again, WP is late to the game on this and folks with optimized sites
 already have their own control over this.
 It needs to be an option, not mandatory.

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