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#41490: Readme: Update recommendations (include MariaDB) to reflect
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Comment (by SergeyBiryukov):

 Replying to [comment:16 SergeyBiryukov]:
 > It looks like the unit test for MySQL version may need some adjustment,
 as it did not pick up the EOL for MySQL 5.6.
 > Per [https://www.mysql.com/support/ MySQL Technical Support page],
 Oracle actively supports MySQL releases for 5 years from GA release. At a
 glance, the test aims to make sure that the recommended MySQL version in
 `readme.html` is not older than 5 years, but in that case, it should
 retrieve the date of the first GA release to compare, not the latest one.

 Fixing the test has an interesting effect: it flags MySQL 5.7 as outdated

 This appears to be correct: per the
 [https://dev.mysql.com/doc/relnotes/mysql/5.7/en/ MySQL 5.7 release
 notes], the first GA release of 5.7 was on 2015-10-21, more than 5 years
 ago. Per the Technical Support page linked above, this means that 5.7
 moved from active support to extended support on 2020-05-21.

 To prevent the test from failing, we have three options:
 1. Update the recommended version to MySQL 8.0.
 2. Extend the "supported" period from 5 to 8 years, which includes
 extended support.
 3. Disable the test for now, like we did for PHP in [52260] / #54528.

 As WordPress core is not fully compatible with MySQL 8.0 yet (see #49364,
 #51740, #52496), I think we can go with option 2 for now, but I'm open to
 other suggestions.

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