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#54702: Feature Request: Broad control over typography in Global Styles
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 Not sure if this belongs here or in GitHub, so I put it in both places.
 It's in GitHub as [https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/37635

 == What problem does this address?
 WordPress currently gives either too much or too little flexibility when
 selecting fonts. Blockbase looks like it's trying to address this but
 hasn't yet figured out what it wants to do. I'm proposing an approach for
 fonts that's similar to what Gutenberg is doing with colors. Let the theme
 be as opinionated as it wants to be and lock things down tight if it wants
 to. But if it allows customization of fonts, then have WordPress give the
 control to the admin to define available font schemes and lock things down
 for end users.

 == What is your proposed solution?
 Here's my initial proposal for a replacement for the current Typography
 panel in Global Styles:


 The Typography Palette shows the currently available fonts. They may be
 the limited list provided by the theme, or they may be customized by the

 Clicking that palette opens up its details and allows editing (if the
 theme allows it):

 Blockbase currently defines two roles: Body and Headings. There are good
 reasons to occasionally have more than just those two typefaces playing
 just those two roles. The Typography Palette would give me a way to define
 additional typefaces, along with the named roles those typefaces would
 play. A theme designer could opt to forbid the creation of custom typeface
 roles if they wanted to constrain the admins.

 The Typography Palette editor would work similar to how the Color Palette
 editor works. If the theme doesn't forbid it, then the theme's roles could
 be edited to select different typefaces. In addition, if the theme doesn't
 forbid it, an admin could define custom named roles and assign typefaces
 to those, much like they can create custom colors in the Color Palette

 Blockbase also automatically knows how to import a small subset of Google
 fonts, but not all of the good ones that an admin might want to use on
 their site. When assigning a typeface to a named role, an admin can choose
 from among the easy-to-choose list that the theme makes available, or they
 could define the necessary details to allow us to import the typeface
 definition from an external source.

 Back to the root Typography panel in Global Styles again:

 After the Typography Palette has been filled with a limited number of
 typefaces (assigned to named roles), those roles can then be used to
 create Font Schemes. Themes already do this to some degree, but this
 proposal gives a lot more clarity and control to the site admin in Global

 Clicking on a Font Scheme reveals this editor:

 Clicking an element would open up the standard Gutenberg font editor being
 defined as part of #34345.

 If someone defines all these things and then switches themes, their named
 font schemes would remain. If the admin assigned a theme-provided font to
 a named role and that font is no longer available in the new theme, then
 one of the new theme-provided fonts would be selected to replace it.

 Finally, when adding blocks to a page or template part, the editor for
 supported blocks would allow us to select one of the named font schemes,
 and the content rendered inside that block would use the fonts defined for
 that font scheme.

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