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#54648: Filter to let define the quality on subsize images
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Comment (by codekraft):

 I think it's interesting and curious how I would have used completely the
 opposite example (even if MTE90's is however valid) as proof that this
 ticket would be really helpful...

 My example are **hdpi images** that can be compressed to insane levels
 without visibly losing quality, these are generally all the images between
 >2000px and fullsize, the ones that can make the uploads folder grow
 bigger... A jpg hdpi image compressed to 19% quality requires the same
 space as a mdpi image compressed to 51% quality **without loss of quality
 (but with twice the resolution)**. This happens because even if there are
 more artifacts due to higher compression these are "hidden" by the highter
 resolution. source: https://alidark.com/responsive-retina-image-mobile/

 MDPI 50kb 640x427:
 [[Image(https://i.imgur.com/MOUyOqd.jpg, 640px)]]
 HDPI 50kb 1280x854:
 [[Image(https://i.imgur.com/VS5VD9p.jpg, 640px)]]

 But of course I think that also compressing just a little bit the small
 thumb images is a good idea, in this way they are not "degraded" by
 compression since at that scale isn't really relevant the difference in kb


 In the future handling images quality will be useful also for webp/avif as
 well as jpg

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