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#54487: Backport bug fixes from Gutenberg into Core for WP 5.9
 Reporter:  noisysocks                |       Owner:  noisysocks
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 Priority:  normal                    |   Milestone:  5.9
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Comment (by noisysocks):

 In [changeset:"52324" 52324]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="52324"
 Update @wordpress packages

 Update packages to include these bug fixes from Gutenberg:

 - Gallery block: turn on auto-migration of v1 Gallery blocks to v2 format
 when edited
 - Add accessible labelling to submenu buttons.
 - Improve performance of wp_navigation lookup.
 - Various inline docblock corrections
 - Use core version of template and template part post types and REST
 endpoints for WP 5.9, with back compat for 5.8
 - Gradients: Enable adding custom gradient when gradients are disabled
 - Custom color palette: add default color name
 - Color Picker: Re-instate debounce and controlled value to fix issue with
 gradient picker
 - Add aria-current="page" to active navigation item
 - Site Editor: Templat list fallback to slug
 - Fix: Custom color picker popover position
 - Fix: php 5.6 error in theme JSON class.
 - Update the WP_Theme_JSON_Gutenberg class to be like the core one
 - Update the WP_Theme_JSON_Resolver_Gutenberg class to be like the core
 - Move Global Styles code to lib/compat/wordpress-5.9 folder
 - E2E Tests: Fix failing image e2e test by waiting for required element
 - Navigation: Try removing absorb toolbar prop.
 - Navigation: Fix navigation justifications.
 - Fix wordbreak for URLs
 - Polish unset color indicator.
 - Template revert flow: Make label description source agnostic
 - [Block Library - Navigation]: Fix vertical layout
 - Add: Corners to custom color picker popover
 - Add: Missing margin to the color picker clear button
 - Gradient: Fix clearing a custom gradient from throwing a React warning
 - [Block Library]: Rename Query Pagination blocks
 - PHP Unit Tests: Use global transients
 - Remove CSS that causes conflict with theme.json
 - Add actions which fire during the loading process of block template
 - Fix usage of useSetting('color.palette')
 - Update micromodal, include click-through fix
 - Site Editor: Remove unused PHP code
 - Don't try and render unstable location if Nav block has ID
 - Fix gutenberg prefixed function references in core
 - Card: support the extraSmall option for the size prop
 - Gallery block: enable the new gallery block by default if running in
 - Block fixtures: Change port to 8889 to placate KSES
 - Full Site Editing: Remove block template resolution unit tests
 - Site Editor: Sync export API

 See #54487.

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