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#54570: Improve accessibility for WordPress with NVDA
 Reporter:  hnm1969                              |      Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect (bug)                         |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                               |  Milestone:  Awaiting
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Component:  Themes                               |    Version:  trunk
 Severity:  major                                |   Keywords:  needs-patch
  Focuses:  accessibility, template, multisite,  |
  performance                                    |
 Hi, I'm a blind person using WordPress, I'm having a hard time managing my
 website. Currently, I am using Windows 10 version 20h2 with NVDA screen
 reader and Chrome browser. You know, building a website or managing,
 operating, and arranging layouts for the blind is very difficult. So I
 can't reach and master it. For example, the Gutenberg editor is a very
 difficult thing to be compatible with NVDA because it is drag-and-drop or
 has some themes that are not accessible and it does not meet the wcag
 standard. So I hope you improve soon. Also, on flatsome there is a page
 builder and it requires me to use the mouse to drag and drop but since I'm
 a screen reader I can't do it. It is very difficult for a disability to
 manage or build and design a website with WordPress on their own with paid
 themes. Sometimes the page builder tools will be difficult to reach for
 the visually impaired. It itself has to do with drag and drop. That is
 very difficult. We cannot fully access WordPress using screen readers. You
 know, I love customization,
 I always like to personalize my website so I personally don't like the
 available themes, it simply doesn't meet WCAG standards so I usually
 spend a little time. It takes time to redesign as well as edit or code
 another theme to make it more accessible or fully accessible to
 everyone and it is necessary as currently, WordPress does not have
 these attributes. required for screen readers. For example, in html
 with this accesskey attribute, when you attach it, your website will
 support specific shortcuts, press alt+h to return to the home page or
 in the code I will add accesskey=h, However, a theme in WordPress
 doesn't have those. I think, an interface that makes the most of HTml
 and limits css and java scripts to optimize the experience for users
 with disabilities is great. For my sighted friends, doing that will
 make the website load faster. At the same time, helping to better
 reach all users. Except, there are things that require the use of java
 script or css like aesthetic enhancement or some accessibility related
 thing that css or java script can do. That depends on whether the
 theme is good or not? I am visually impaired myself so accessibility
 will be my priority so there is no reason for me to develop a new
 theme. The difficulty here for me is that even though I already have a
 pre-coded html file, I don't know how to convert the html template
 file into a WordPress theme. I have followed what is on the internet
 and good tutorials but doing it manually will take a lot of time,
 because I still have many customers waiting for my order. I don't want
 to miss that opportunity. I would like a tool to help me with this. In
 addition, increasing contrast, changing colors, and composition is
 difficult for visually impaired people like me. I think it will take
 long enough to find a solution to this problem. I believe that
 WordPress will have an improvement that is more interested in visually
 impaired developers. I myself split the html file to embed it in php
 but it crashed so I had to re-code it from scratch. I think, WordPress is
 platform that blind people can use it to optimize web development
 time. Most of the new tools integrated on WordPress are drag and drop, so
 the screen reader is difficult to interact with. I hope, WordPress will
 continue to improve to be more visually impaired. To help them take the
 initiative in website development. Thanks, I look forward to your feedback
 and improvement. Currently, I am using the latest version of WordPress. I
 hope, my request will be resolved.

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