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#54552: Consider consolidating wp_is_block_template_theme() and
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Comment (by hellofromTonya):

 Replying to [comment:5 antonvlasenko]:
 > {{{
 > However, the combination of these 2 filters is available through the
 'theme_file_path' filter.
 > }}}
 > I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by `available through the
 'theme_file_path' filter`.
 > Probably I'm missing something.
 > I thought that filters are independent of each other.

 I'm sorry for the confusion. I'll try to explain. Please excuse me if I
 over-explain something that you already know.

 `'theme_file_path'` filter event is fired 2 separate places:
 `get_theme_file_path()` and the new `WP_Theme::get_file_path()` method.
 Either of those filter events will call all callbacks registered/hooked to

 What I meant by the "combination of these 2 filters" is this:

 `'theme_file_path'` filter exposes the file's path ("combination") whereas
 the other 2 filters expose the pieces of the file's path, i.e. the theme's
 directory name and the root path to that directory. Using
 `'theme_file_path'` gives the ability for plugins and themes to gain

 Does that make sense?

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