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#53967: Post ID on admin action list
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Comment (by lkraav):

 Example use case: every time one needs to perform some WP CLI operation on
 a post object, it's super annoying to get an object ID

 [https://wordpress.org/about/philosophy/#clean the 20/80 rule] is
 certainly a thing, and this implementation adheres to it quite well. It's
 there when you need it, hidden when you don't.

 It's been directly adopted from WooCommerce, who ships this look in core

 Both Reveal IDs and Show Pages IDs plugins implement the suboptimal
 approach of adding a new space-hogging and noise-producing column, so to
 me that disqualifies them from discussion.

 Looking at how light this implementation is, I'd argue it seems like a
 solid bet that at WP user base size, UX win potential for millions of
 people outweighs maintenance burdain concerns here. In addition,
 WooCommerce could drop shipping their own isolated version.

 Your thoughts?

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