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#46149: PHPUnit 8.x support
 Reporter:  SergeyBiryukov                       |       Owner:  jrf
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 Priority:  high                                 |   Milestone:  5.9
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Comment (by SergeyBiryukov):

 In [changeset:"51598" 51598]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="51598"
 Build/Test Tools: Make the polyfills loading more flexible.

 The PHPUnit Polyfills are, since [51559], a required dependency for the WP
 test suite and, by extension, for plugin/theme integration test suites
 which are based on and use (parts of) the WP core test suite.

 However, plugin/theme integration test suites may not use a full WordPress

 This commit:
 * Removes the presumption that a full WP install, including `vendor`
 directory, will be available when the test `bootstrap.php` file is run.
 * Makes the loading of the PHPUnit Polyfills autoload file more flexible
   * Checking if the autoload class contained within the autoload file is
 already available before attempting to load the file.[[BR]]
     This allows for plugin/theme integration test suites to load the
 `phpunitpolyfills-autoload.php` file from any location, as long as it is
 loaded before the WP core test `bootstrap.php` file is run.
   * Allowing for the path to an arbitrary installation location for the
 PHPUnit Polyfills to be passed as a constant.[[BR]]
     As long as the provided location is a valid file path and the
 `phpunitpolyfills-autoload.php` file exists in the provided location, that
 file will be loaded.[[BR]]
     The constant can be declared in a plugin/theme integration test suite
 native test bootstrap file, or in the `wp-tests-config.php` file, or even
 in a `phpunit.xml[.dist]` file via `<php><const
 name="WP_TESTS_PHPUNIT_POLYFILLS_PATH" value="path/to/yoast/phpunit-
 * Adds a version check for the PHPUnit Polyfills to prevent a mismatch
 between the version of the package expected by WordPress and the version
 used by plugins/themes.[[BR]]
   The version this checks for should be in line with the minimum version
 requirement for the PHPUnit Polyfills as declared in the `composer.json`
   This version number should only be updated when new features added in
 later PHPUnit Polyfills releases are actually used in the WP core test
 * Adds appropriate error messages for every possible error condition.
 * Upgrades the PHPUnit Polyfills to version 1.0.1, which now includes a
 version constant.

 Follow-up to [51559-51577].

 Props jrf, hellofromTonya, swissspidy, jeherve, thomasplevy,
 See #46149.

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