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#52974: Right Panel "Select a Block" Settings Issue
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 In the block editor, there is the right settings panel that provides
 global settings for that poage and specific settings for elements used on
 the page.

 There are two sections to the settings panel, these are "Page" or "Block".

 Clicking "Page" automatically shows settings for the page and some

 Clicking "Block" automatically shows nothing except this text notation:
 "''No block selected.''"

 == Issue ==

 To get settings to a specific block requires a person to click that block
 to activate and show its settings in the right panel area.

 With some blocks, this is easy, such as the "paragraph block" or "image
 block", but with other blocks it becomes a dreadful time-consuming
 guessing game of where to click to activate and show its settings.

 One such block that is arduous to show its settings is the "columns"
 Since the columns block is to add other blocks within them, I end up
 activating the inner blocks instead and not the settings for the columns
 block. Where-ever these block boundaries are for the column block versus
 the inner blocks is a nightmare to find, like groping in the dark.

 Since there is a complete absence of indicators to click, I end up having
 to click the area many times over in numerous locations and to get the
 actual spot that activates the column's settings is like trying to click a
 single pixel out of thousands, that is how hard it is.

 == Resolution ==
 This applies to fixing the entire block editor, not just the "columns"

 I see two basic fixes to this issue.

 Fix 1. In the right panel, under "Block", automatically list the blocks
 that are actively in use. When clicking a specific named block in the
 right panel, it highlights that block in the editor area and in the right
 panel the settings for that block appear.


 Fix 2. If you want to keep the right panel block list empty until a block
 is clicked, then use the Elementor method in the editor area, where a
 ''cursor hover'' automatically shows the block (with blue borders) and a
 title/label as well. A person can then easily locate and click a spot on
 the hover label to activate the settings for that block in the right

 Fix 3. Taking Fix #2, add a feature when right clicking the outlined and
 labeled block in the editor area provides a submenu that gives the option
 to click and activate "Settings" for that block (''or do something similar
 with the same end result > activating its settings in the right panel'').

 I believe Fix #3 is the best.

 Without fixing this, using the Block editor because very discouraging at
 the least.

 == Reasoning behind My Suggestions ==
 The majority of using WordPress are non-tech minded people, who do not
 want to learn CSS, HTML, etc and only want a product they can easily use
 without a large learning curve.

 User friendly interface has always been a core goal in Web Development and
 to fix this issue moves the WordPress block editor into a better position
 as a user friendly product, especially if you hope to be competitive
 against page editors like Elementor.


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