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#44314: `user_confirmed_action_email_content` filter run on two different strings
 Reporter:  desrosj                              |       Owner:  garrett-
                                                 |  eclipse
     Type:  defect (bug)                         |      Status:  accepted
 Priority:  normal                               |   Milestone:  Future
                                                 |  Release
Component:  Privacy                              |     Version:  4.9.6
 Severity:  normal                               |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  has-patch has-unit-tests needs-dev-  |     Focuses:
  note early needs-testing                       |
Changes (by garrett-eclipse):

 * keywords:  has-patch has-unit-tests needs-refresh needs-dev-note early =>
     has-patch has-unit-tests needs-dev-note early needs-testing
 * status:  reviewing => accepted


 Sorry this ended up being bumped a bit, let's try to get it into early 5.6
 here before that ship sails again.

 I've uploaded
 44314.5.diff] to account for the direction @SergeyBiryukov provided along
 with accounting for new filters introduced since his comment in 5.3 and

 Full Overview of filter changes;
 * `_wp_privacy_send_request_confirmation_notification()`
  * `user_request_confirmed_email_to`
  * `user_request_confirmed_email_subject`
  * ~~`user_confirmed_action_email_content`~~
  * `user_request_confirmed_email_content` (new)
  * `user_request_confirmed_email_headers`

 * `_wp_privacy_send_erasure_fulfillment_notification()`
  * `user_erasure_fulfillment_email_to`
  * ~~`user_erasure_complete_email_subject`~~
  * `user_erasure_fulfillment_email_subject` (new)
  * ~~`user_confirmed_action_email_content` (2)~~
  * `user_erasure_fulfillment_email_content` (new)
  * ~~`user_erasure_complete_email_headers` (2)~~
  * `user_erasure_fulfillment_email_headers` (new)

 * `wp_send_user_request()`
  * `user_request_action_email_subject`
  * `user_request_action_email_content`
  * `user_request_action_email_headers`
 NOTE: There is no `_to` filter here as the email is always expected to be
 sent to the `$request->email`.

 * `wp_privacy_send_personal_data_export_email()`
  * `wp_privacy_export_expiration`
  * `wp_privacy_personal_data_email_to`
  * `wp_privacy_personal_data_email_subject`
  * `wp_privacy_personal_data_email_content`
  * `wp_privacy_personal_data_email_headers`
 Note: These are the only ones with the `wp_` prefix but they are mostly
 consistent aside from the export expiration one so I've left alone for

 Once this is committed the Privacy article here will need updating;

 The following plugins are affected by this change;
 * user_confirmed_action_email_content -
  * Better Notifications for WP
  * GD Mail Queue
  * Login with Vipps
  * Privacy WP Lite for GDPR
 * user_erasure_complete_email_subject -
  * Better Notifications for WP
  * Privacy WP Lite for GDPR
 * user_confirmed_action_email_content -
  * Better Notifications for WP
  * GD Mail Queue
  * Login with Vipps
  * Privacy WP Lite for GDPR
 * user_erasure_complete_email_headers -
  * GDPress

 All feedback/testing welcome.

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