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#51254: includes/plugin.php remove_menu_page should check if $menu is array
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 Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

 However we saw a case related to admin_init hook where on a normal admin
 page (front-end) works as defined here:
 (also recommended in the comments depending on how quickly you needed
 something removed, in our case early)

 However when admin-ajax.php would be called it would try and run the
 admin_init hook and thus would fail since the menu isn't loaded. At the
 very least some sort of context detection would be optimal here if not a
 fix for detecting the object type prior to running. We have worked around
 the issue code wise on our end, but I would rather see it handled

 Replying to [comment:1 SergeyBiryukov]:
 > Hi there, welcome to WordPress Trac! Thanks for the report.
 > Just noting this was discussed a few times before, specifically in
 #23767 and #19937.
 > Adding an `is_array()` or `! empty()` check would remove the warning,
 but would also just hide the fact that calling the function the function
 too early or on an incorrect hook still doesn't work as expected.
 > comment:1:ticket:23767 outlines a few scenarios where this warning can
 occur. All of them are developer errors, so the developer should see that
 something is wrong. Hiding the warning would just make debugging harder.

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