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#51092: Create a JSON schema for Privacy and Other Related Disclosures
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 Keywords:  needs-privacy-review 2nd-opinion  |     Focuses:  rest-api
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 Replying to [comment:25 carike]:
 > Since yesterday, I have thought a lot about your questions, @azaozz :)

 Great! Me too :)

 > This ticket wasn't initially meant to outline a needs-analysis-of-sorts.
 We kind of took that for granted after previous tickets, I think. This is
 not ideal and it is something we could fix here, or elsewhere.

 Yes, I understand. In practical terms Trac is the place to develop
 software. This ticket talks about specifying a format for some data but
 not about now that data is going to be used. This is generally a wrong-
 way-to-do-things when developing software. The data structure/format can
 easily be determined once the usage and the purpose of that data is known.
 Hence I think this ticket should be closed in favor of #51144 that talks
 about the new WP feature that will eventually use this data.

 > So, let's look at why the Privacy Policy initiative was not as
 successful as it could have been.

 Sounds good. Such analysis would be great imho. Thinking this ticket is
 not the right place though, how about we start it in #core-privacy in
 Slack and continue in a make/core blog post?

 Anyway, let me quickly respond to some of your questions:
 > currently the privacy policies are hidden.

 That's technically incorrect. The "privacy policy guide" (containing all
 policies) is accessible from the privacy policy settings screen.

 > So the first issue is that there is no (website admin) user-side UI

 Again, technically incorrect. See above. Admins can access the privacy
 policy guide from the privacy settings screen. This guide (and the
 suggested text for the policy) is used very rarely, usually not more than
 once per year. There is also a mechanism to alert the site owners when
 some of the text changes.

 > ...either in Core or in the Repo;

 Sorry, not sure what do you mean by "in the Repo". Site owners/admins
 generally do not use the WP Trac/Github?

 > Furthermore, the privacy policies are walls of text that are not really
 useful to site owners / admins / those managing the repositories.

 If I remember right the decision at the time was based on the fact that
 the person(s) writing a website's privacy policy assume certain legal
 responsibilities. These responsibilities are different in different
 jurisdictions. The WordPress developers cannot "write" a default privacy
 policy, each site owner will have to do that (or hire a lawyer) in order
 to comply with the different laws and regulations.

 Nowadays it may be possible to "standardize" the text needed for the
 privacy policy, however don't think this will be particularly useful.
 Composing a legal document is the responsibility of the site owner. The
 data they need has to be provided by WP and (ideally) by themes and
 plugins. Guessing what data exactly each plugin and theme has do provide
 would not be a good idea imho.

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