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#6148: Internationalization of personal names
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Comment (by azaozz):

 Replying to [comment:27 mdwolinski]:
 > This issue was discussed in the Design chat today.

 Thanks! It would be great if this can (finally) be fixed in 5.6. It's been
 a "known limitation" for quite some time.

 > ...why would we need both **Full Name** and **Nickname** fields?  Why
 not just a single **Display Name** field that can be filled out to the
 users desire?

 Not sure WP can just "hide" the "Nickname" field after having it there for
 all these years, but perhaps it's functionality can be explained better?
 Nicknaming accounts may help some users to distinguish between accounts
 they have on (many) different WP powered sites. Up to the Design team :)

 For the "grandfathering" of First Name and Last Name fields, is this
 strategy good:
 - Show the "Full Name" field first.
 - If both First Name and Last Name have been used, show both fields under
 "Full Name" explaining to the users that it's better to switch to using
 Full Name.
 - If either First Name or Last Name has been used, copy the content to
 Full Name and hide both fields.

 There is also a consideration of how users can be sorted, which is
 different in different locales, see [#comment:13 comment:13]. For "Greet
 users by first name" thinking it's sufficient to use the display name as
 that's how the users want to be known on the particular website.

 Also, the "Display Name" drop-down will have to be changed to also accept
 arbitrary value, not be "locked" to one of the names entered above it.

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