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#47398: Remove wp_favicon_request
 Reporter:  jonoaldersonwp                     |       Owner:
                                               |  SergeyBiryukov
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 Priority:  normal                             |   Milestone:  5.4
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 Severity:  normal                             |  Resolution:  fixed
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Comment (by SergeyBiryukov):

 Replying to [comment:24 keepmovingdk]:
 > I just read the dev notes on make.wordpress.org, and I wonder why it was
 decided to use the WordPress icon as a default fallback icon?

 Thanks for bringing this up! As noted in comment:10, this was simply
 following an existing pattern used in `the_embed_site_title()`, admittedly
 taking it further.

 > Is it considered a good idea to so publicly display to visitors that a
 site is running WordPress?

 The fact of running WordPress is generally obvious by looking at the page
 source, unless it's heavily customized, in which case the new hooks added
 in [47018] can be used to override the favicon, or a physical file can be

 Personally, I like the "Ferrari analogy" from
 wordpress/ Don’t Hide the Fact That You’re Using WordPress] by @kovshenin:
 > Sometimes people try hide the fact that they’re running WordPress
 because they’re afraid other humans will spot that and think they’re
 “unprofessional” or cheap. Well WordPress is the most professional content
 management system known to human kind, trusted by
 [https://wordpress.org/showcase/ some of the largest companies] worldwide
 and although free and open source, [https://wpvip.com/services/ certainly
 not cheap].
 > When you buy yourself a new Ferrari, do you remove the Ferrari logos
 before showing it to your friends? No. Although if you did, it would still
 be obvious.

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