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#9257: EXIF GPS data
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 I would like to propose revisiting this issue.

 We already store the manufacturer of the device and other
 information...and we are already storing and delivering pictures that are
 holding this location data already.

 Rant aside, exposing this information in the admin educates individuals
 about the fact that the image contains this data... protecting their
 privacy and allowing them to decide to delete the image entirely.

 Maybe we should address the fact that the original has this information by
 storing it in the WordPress database and removing it from the file itself
 on upload, which is a harder issue.

 Suggest to comply with the requirement as described, the admin should at
 minimum store whether or not the image file has location data at all as
 not disclosing this seems the bigger issue.

 At the same time, it should optionally allow for storing the location in
 lieu of just the fact that the location is in the file, as described in
 the prior filter, and display one or the other accordingly.

 I think the admin should display any image data we store by default, if
 the argument is protecting user data.

 To the purge argument, store the location or the fact there is data in the
 geo_ prefix cited in the Codex allowing it to be queried and purged with a
 meta query.

 In my opinion, displaying it on the frontend is plugin or theme territory.
 Handling it on the backend belongs in Core.

 I see storing it more as protecting people's data, as opposed to harming

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