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#48850: Plugins Screen: introduce "Automatic updates" column / option
 Reporter:  jeherve                  |       Owner:  audrasjb
     Type:  feature request          |      Status:  accepted
 Priority:  normal                   |   Milestone:  5.4
Component:  Plugins                  |     Version:  3.7
 Severity:  normal                   |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  has-patch needs-testing  |     Focuses:  administration,
  has-screenshots dev-feedback       |  multisite
  needs-dev-note                     |

Comment (by johnjamesjacoby):

 > For the moment, the idea was to start with the existing UI, and to
 refine that after the feature is fully functional

 What do you mean by "existing UI"? I see a few suggestions in this ticket,
 none of which are in WordPress already.

 > we know that it's ok from design and accessibility perspective

 I really do not think that it is, though. The feedback in this issue I
 happen to agree with, that the words are too long, the icon is foreign
 (and not really the correct one to use), the links are awkwardly
 positioned next to other links that serve other different purposes, all of
 which together result in a design that does not look elegant or appealing
 or easy for users to identify and interact with without a high probably of
 trial & error. (Maybe it's accessible, but I don't see anything in this
 ticket that confirms that specifically.)

 > also, deep code review and testing is more than welcome

 When everything is undecided and in-flux, code review seems premature.
 Personally, I'm always happy to help (and only trying to be helpful) but I
 have a hard time reviewing some parts (code) and not others (design)
 because it's all equally important, and they both rely on each other.


 The question I still have, is why is this toggle being advocated for? Why
 is a UI necessary?

 > I would like to suggest making plugin autoupdates even more mainstream
 by adding a new column to the Plugins screen, where one could toggle
 autoupdates on / off for just about any plugin

 What user wants to go through 50 plugins and click 50 links and enable
 them all manually? Once they're on, what problem will come up that will
 make them visit the plugin screen and disable one or many of them later?

 I am all-in on the idea of giving administrators control over their
 installations, but I have a hard time imagining a scenario where anyone
 would know ahead of time that they need to manually disable an automatic
 update on a specific plugin to avoid some future breakage.

 What I ''can'' imagine, is auto-updates triggering some breakage, causing
 a user to naturally disable future auto-updates for that plugin. Now
 they've opted ''out'' of receiving the ''fix'' automatically. I am afraid
 that the solutions proposed here are enabling the problem they set out to
 originally address:

 > make it easier for users to keep their sites up to date


 > New patches with alternative design options are very welcome


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