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#44224: Missing @return in Doc comment
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Comment (by subrataemfluence):

 @desrosj, None of `$plugin_page` and `$parent_page arguments` has a
 default value set.

 Now since `get_admin_page_parent` function argument has a default value
 (empty string) set for `$parent`, I think adding a default value (empty
 string) for `$parent_page` might worth. By doing this we can keep this
 argument optional.

 As far as `$plugin_page` argument is concerned, it has no default value
 set, so to my understanding, `Required` should be used for this. In other
 words, again, to me understanding, argument doesn't have a default value
 specified should probably be declared as `Required`.

 I would suggest the following modification in Doc block and argument list:

  * @global array $admin_page_hooks
  * @param string $plugin_page. Name of the page generated by plugin.
  * @param string $parent_page. Name of the parent page of $plugin_page.

 function get_plugin_page_hookname( $plugin_page, $parent_page = '' ) {
    $parent = get_admin_page_parent( $parent_page );

 Please let me know if it makes sense!

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