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#46980: Remove title attributes from all the abbreviations
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 Severity:  normal          |   Keywords:  title-attribute
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 In the last releases, WordPress has been
 progressively removing many title attributes] used in the admin screens
 for the reasons outlined in #24766.

 The accessibility team recommendation for title attributes can be
 summarized as follows: ''don't rely'' on title attributes for relevant
 information. If the information is relevant, consider to put it in plain,
 visible, text on the page. If it's not relevant, consider to remove it.

 Contrary to the common belief, a title attribute on an `<abbr>` is
 available only to a minority of users. Thus, it defeats the purpose to
 "expand" the abbreviation, as many users won't have access to the expanded

 Interesting reading from a high-level source:

 **Short note: The abbreviation appreciation society**

 I'd like to propose to follow the best practice suggested there and:
 - evaluate which abbreviations can be removed in favor of full text
 - for the other cases: provide an expansion of the
 abbreviation/acronym/neuronym in plain text on first use
 - use an `<abbr>` to mark up the abbreviation (which provides a hint to
 user agents on how to announce/display the content)
 - make a patch for all the `<abbr>` occurrences in core
 - make a separate patch for the bundled themes

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