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#45107: Taxonomies should only be allowed to support one object type
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Comment (by flixos90):

 Thanks for opening this! I had just thought about something along these
 lines a few days ago.

 Something that I strongly think we should do is separate concerns with
 object types and post types. While the function uses the name “object
 type”, most of core is only made to support and assume that parameter to
 be a post type.

 I’m thinking we should either:
 * Clarify that you should only provide a post type here and, if we
 actually want object type support for something else than “post”, handle
 that in a new function.
 * Or find a way to declare both the object type and the object subtype
 (this is what the post type actually is in relation to the object type
 “post”) in the function, but it needs to be through separate parameters.
 Allowing to either specify an object type OR a subtype in the same
 parameter just screams for future issues (such as “Do you mean the object
 type ‘post’ or the post type ‘post’?).

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