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#45073: Upgrading to 5.0 and handling the Gutenberg plugin
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Comment (by postphotos):

 @bridgetwillard - yes, please, if you can see if folks are interested in
 contributing here that would be great!

 This set of pages and whether we'd like to create them impacts this ticket
 as it explains how the user goes on their journey past the main flow.

 I know you saw I posted in the #marketing channel in Slack today, and
 suggested this might need] to go to `Meta`, but here's a few more thoughts
 on what that would look like in execution. In summary, we're focused on
 how to handle Classic Editor plugin activated sites via Core, and what
 callouts they'd see to go to discover about Gutenberg.

 I think the current main URL - http://wordpress.org/gutenberg - would
 serve as a good landing place for what's been called here the "About
 Gutenberg" page, but the other two would be linked to provide ease of
 action for users. We'd not need to touch this for those links in the
 current proposed user flow.

 The other two suggestions, though, would help round out the user flow
 efforts to explain actions they could or would take. **In summary, we'd
 need some help writing:**
 - A **"How to Switch" guide** that talks about sites with Classic Editor
 on default going through a testing or transition process. It wouldn't be
 too technical; more so an encouragement to test, back up, stage, etc. It'd
 also highlight that switching is probably safe for many users. I know
 @danielbachhuber did a ton of work in [https://github.com/danielbachhuber
 /gutenberg-migration-guide prepping a technical guide] that's spot on and
 quite informative that we should link to, and there is also
 [https://github.com/Automattic/gutenberg-ramp the Ramp plugin] by VIP
 already mentioned that makes switching in a slower state much easier.
 There's probably more someone could write on the subject, too, like trying
 that "Gutenberg" URL above.

 - A **"Don't be afraid, Gutenberg doesn't kill your classic" page** (that
 probably has a better title) that explains that Legacy support was a
 requirement for the tooling of the new editor, and that as of now, the
 "5.0 + Classic Editor plugin" would be 100% the same as "4.9.8 + Gutenberg
 plugin." It probably attempts to quell discussions of the need for a fork,
 an LTS or wearing of a tinfoil hat to keep using WordPress. (None of those
 are needed.) This upgrade path question is what so many people have been
 clamoring about, and the project needs to address it straight on.

 For both, I'd probably talk about the block conversion tooling of Classic-
 to-Guten and Guten-to-Classic. So much effort went into solving this
 problem, and that testing, trying and playing is encouraged.

 The goal that @JoshuaWold and I have in regard to user flow is to allow
 sites understand what's going on, how they could respond and what they
 should probably do next, so that they confidently make the choice to
 switch at this stage if they've actively chosen not to proceed (via
 installing Classic.) We feel Gutenberg is worth the effort in playing with
 and converting to, it's all about how, when and to what extent on a per
 site basis.

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