[wp-trac] [WordPress Trac] #45114: Publish posts and fire related hooks on `rest_after_insert_{$this->post_type}` for rest requests.

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#45114: Publish posts and fire related hooks on
`rest_after_insert_{$this->post_type}` for rest requests.
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 In REST API requests, `wp_insert_post` publishes posts before terms and
 post meta has been saved.

 This causes a number of hooks to fire before the meta data and terms are
 available in the database. As a follow up to [43737] it's possible to
 publish posts and fire these hooks after all the data has been saved.

 On REST Requests (both via HTTP and internal) it would be good to move the
 following to the later action:

 * `edit_attachment`
 * `attachment_updated`
 * `add_attachment`
 * `edit_post`
 * `post_updated`
 * `save_post_{$post->post_type}`
 * `save_post`
 * `wp_insert_post`
 * setting the status to `publish`, `future`, etc
 * Related hooks I have missed

 To handle both HTTP and internal requests would require a new function
 that normally returns `false` but is filtered to return `true` at the
 start of a REST request and removing the filter at the end of the request.

 This new filter could be added at around the same location as
 `rest_pre_dispatch` is fired and removed at the point
 `rest_request_after_callbacks` fires.

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