[wp-trac] [WordPress Trac] #45055: Introduce new PHP cross-version compatibility functions, `array_key_first()`, `array_key_last()`

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#45055: Introduce new PHP cross-version compatibility functions,
`array_key_first()`, `array_key_last()`
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 PHP 7.3 will introduce two new functions, `array_key_first()`, and
 `array_key_last()`. The two functions return the first and last key of
 each array respectively, ''without'' affecting the internal state of the
 array (`reset()`, `end()` and `key()` do). The full RFC can be read here:

 Including a polyfill would allow developers to take advantage of the new
 functions and write consistent code regardless of a site's PHP version.
 While polyfills for these two functions are not required for WordPress to
 be PHP 7.3 compatible, it could be added in the version after 7.3
 compatibility is declared.

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