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#45019: Add a link to configure static home page on Welcome Panel
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Comment (by professor44):

 @karmatosed @boemedia Thanks for the feedback.

 I think it's important to recognize that WordPress defines the meaning of
 "homepage" throughout the customizer and settings area.  "Homepage
 Settings" is used in the customizer and "Your homepage displays" is used
 in the reading settings area.

 The question ''"I wonder does firstly everyone know what a homepage is?"''
 relates to something bigger than this small link, because it's a pattern
 we use throughout core.

 ''"Beyond that does every site need a homepage?"'' Yes as WordPress
 currently requires the use of a homepage in some fashion, either as a list
 of recent posts, a static page, or some other fun way our users decide to
 display their homepage.

 If the question is ''"Does every site need a static homepage?"'' the
 answer is no.  However, I do think that configuring your homepage is a
 major area of confusion for new users and a quick link is an important
 first step to reducing this confusion.

 ''"Agree with Joy that it looks weird in the list of next steps, but from
 my opinion the same goes for 'More actions'. There's no clear structure
 and context in the options given, but that's another discussion."''

 If WordPress core didn't default to having recent posts on the homepage
 then "Setting up your homepage" would be a required "Next Step".  Since we
 choose a default it's not a required next step, but it also makes the
 assumption that the new site is going to be a blog, news, or updates site.
 I believe this to be a wrong assumption for most new users.  WordPress has
 been trending towards a SMB solution over the years and assuming that the
 site is a blog or wants updates on the homepage I believe actually results
 in the default setting actually benefiting the minority of new users out
 of the box.

 This of course is a bigger problem to solve, which is why I'm proposing a
 simple link for now.  We can see how effective it is and go from there.

 @melchoyce thank you for the grammar check, fixing that now.

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