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#44271: grunt watch doesn't detect changes when ran from inside guest machine using
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 I created an issue inside VVV's repo too: https://github.com/Varying-
 Vagrant-Vagrants/VVV/issues/1531. Creating an issue here in case this
 issue can be fixed from the WP side. If not, feel free to invalidate this,
 it will probably still be good to have a record of this IMO.

 **Expected Behavior**

 Since WordPress' new build process was introduced (see
 -javascript-future-part-1-build-step-and-folder-reorganization/) we should
 be running grunt watch which should copy the changes made from the src
 directory into the build one.

 **Current Behavior**

 However, in VVV, when you make a change to a file (from your host machine
 or inside the VM) that's in a shared directory, grunt doesn't notice the
 Possible Solution

 This is probably because of https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/10660 (so
 it's a Virtual box issue). BUt I'm reporting here in case someone else has
 this issue and is looking for a fix, and it's possible we might find some
 workaround for VVV.

 **Steps to Reproduce**

     Do git clone git://develop.git.wordpress.org/ from inside VVV's www
 shared folder
     from inside there, run npm install && grunt build. Then grunt watch.
 Wait until it says it's "Waiting..."
     Edit a file from inside src
     Notice that the grunt task doesn't acknowledge that change, nor update
 the corresponding file in build


 I've been using the same WP develop checkout for both developing a few
 plugins, and for the occasional core contribution. So for developing
 plugins I will probably put my wp-content folder outside of the normal WP
 src folder, and use define( 'WP_CONTENT_DIR', dirname( dirname(__FILE__) )
 . '/content' ); define( 'WP_CONTENT_URL', 'http://dev.local/content' );)
 so that I don't need to wait for grunt watch to copy all my changes from
 src to build everytime. But I'm currently a bit stuck for WP core

 **Your Environment**

     VVV version: 2.1.0
     VVV Git Branch: master (commit 710f085)
     Vagrant version: 2.0.2
     VM Provider name: Virtual Box
     VM Provider version: 5.1.32
     Operating System and version: Windows 7

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